Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Year....A New Blog

After months of reluctance in posting as the "Dizzy Disciple", I've found a new home and a new beginning in the blogosphere. I've also made a HUGE commitment for the year to get in better shape--spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All will be a challenge, and thus the blog name came easily. I know in my faith journey I've come a long way in life, but when I see my day to day growth I sometimes feel like I'm plodding through jello or molasses. As a homeschool mom I'm always seeing other Catholic homeschoolers who are doing it better, and I often wonder how I'm REALLY doing in preparing the souls entrusted to me. And finally, after losing the same 50 pounds about four different times in my life (plus a few extra added on here and there along the way!) I realized that I'm not showing God any real respect in how I treat the temple of the Holy Spirit that He gave me.

In short, it was a typical New Year's Eve with lots of reflection and new goals. This blog will be my journal along the way....hope to have some company out there!

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