Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yes, that was me with a personal trainer!

After over a year of working at our local YMCA, I decided it was about time to make REAL use of my membership and get myself an exercise program that I am commited to sticking to. One of the fitness directors is a good working aquaintance, and I asked if she'd be able to help. Well, last night was my appointment, and after 90 of working together, I have my program. As for the first night? I survived. I did something I was absolutely terrified to do.....go in and work out with lots of thin healthy people. Me, with an extra 80 pounds. But you know what? Most folks either didn't care or were saying hello and "good for you" throughout the session. As for me....I learned that I really CAN survive 10 minutes with my cardio rate where it's supposed to be. From there I also found out what all those big clunky machines were all about in the weight, using weight machinery....just another miracle, just another piece of clutter thrown aside in my plod toward holiness. As I worked my way through the repetitions on each machine, I realized how perfect my blog name is for my new workout routine. Today when I woke up I felt muscles I didn't know existed, and the idea of going back tonight or tomorrow to do it all again is NOT something I'm looking forward to.....but I have to, because my personal trainer is going to be holding me accountable. Is there a patron saint for overweight people on weight machinery?? I DID consider St. Jude briefly, but if I truly thought this was hopeless then I wouldn't be plodding, now would I?

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