Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big News from my Authoress daughter

If you lived in the Lehigh Valley you may have heard some hootin' and hollerin' wafting through the air in the past couple of hours. After three quarters of homeschooling for the year now done, and a library writing contest deadline approaching at the end of the week, my teenage authoress informed that FINALLY the book is done. About two months ago she hit a writer's block, and I have nagged, begged, annoyed, and mostly prayed to God that she would get over it.....seems that an imminent deadline was the needed motivation. (Gee, why does THAT sound familiar??) And so tonight I was able to sit down and finish reading her 85 page novelette about a quest through the land of Litheria, where the six ancient items must be found to save the land.

I know that as a mom, I am biased....but as a teacher/editor, I really DO see some talent in this work. The Authoress has a pretty developed writing style for one who is only 13, and so I am anxious to have it entered in the annual young writer's contest. The local libraries in the area all run them; the winning books are bound and the winners each get a bound copy, as well as having a copy remain in circulation at the library. Each of the girls have books "published" from two years ago, but her improvement over two years is remarkable. We are looking at joining the local writers' group to see if she can pursue her budding career further. For now, I'm just revelling in the fact that I only have ONE to nag/beg/annoy/pray to God about in the next few days!! (She's almost done!)

It's been a busy weekend; Saturday I worked on costumes all day and got tee shirts marked for all the "chess pieces", and then worked on some props and production items. Today I stopped and picked a few more items for their goody bags, as well as a few more needed props. When I look at my master list, we really are in great shape. Add to that my costume coordinator who is a GEM at creating wonderful costumes on a shoe-string budget, and I'm excited about the show only being a month away.

Today I worked at the Y all day, and Sundays are always quiet, so I had some planning time to sketch out the rest of this year's lesson plans for the learning center, as well as jot down some notes for next year. For now, I'm off to's already Monday!!

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