Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy International Goof Off Day!

Okay, so in all my research I have not yet found out just WHERE this day started, or by who, or whether it's really "international" or not, but I've been celebrating it for MANY years, and I'm actually surprised that it hasn't caught on more considering that the goal of the day is to kick back and relax!

My best friend and I stumbled upon it back in the 80's, and would often spend the day watching old musicals and drinking strawberry I'd love to be able to do that today, but (alas!) I am here in PA and she is in Maine.

Being a homeschool mom I'm able to pass on the holiday to the girls, and so right now they are watching an old Godzilla movie while I've been catching up on a few odds and ends. After lunch we will head to the mall for a little "Math At the Mall" (a clever title for shopping!), followed by fast food en route to work at the Y....they may swim tonight, or play basketball. Aside from independent reading (which is EASY in this house!), that's our day.....granted, we usually do a bit of carschooling as we scoot around the form of geography, or famous people.....but we looking forward to a day to just kick back and enjoy each other's company.

Last night I got the logs/attendance forms up to date, and we are on schedule to be done by May 14....yee ha!! Oh, well, off to goof off.....enjoy YOUR day, too!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

What do I get for being diligent and getting all our work and errands done before reading blogs today? I missed National Goof-Off Day....when I sorely need it.

I shall now work to be as irresponsible as possible tonight!