Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let the Cardboard Obsession Begin!

Well, with only three weeks until the musical, I've now gone into the "bear" mode, as I dubbed myself last year....the kids will all get an early apology for any shortness of temper in the next couple of weeks. Now that we're in the home stretch, life has become a series of endless "to do" lists and tasks. One by one things are getting crossed off, and aside from a few props to finish up, the big thing remaining is the set.....which leads to the obsession with cardboard!

Actually, this year my children were spared the "oooooh....there's some cardboard" whenever we passed an abandoned crushed box on the side of the road. I found a local furniture warehouse at the end of last year's quest, and this year was given a gift with only a phone call. Saturday we took the pick up and found a stack waiting just for us....I even had my Ape husband sitting in the back of the pickup so as to weight it down and keep it from flying away!!

All that's left now is to paint two joining backdrops, build a little wall for Humpty Dumpty, and paint a piece of "grass" for the flowers to stand behind....add to that upcoming evaluations, two concerts to accompany, one high school chorus overnight competition in NY, our homeschool chorus concert, and trying to finish our last quarter, and you'll understand if my blogging might be a bit quieter in the next six weeks! (Did I mention my slight tendency to overbook myself??)

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