Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Saying "yes" by default

Tonight I had an awkward discussion with the woman who directs the community chorus I play for. We've worked together for about 7 years, and I consider her a good friend....but tonight I found myself committed to something that I hadn't really decided on....

Back in late fall she asked if I could go on a vocal competition trip with her high school chorus (I went to Boston with them several years back) to New York in April. I said I'd have to think about it as April is a crazy month for me. A few weeks later we were talking about her high school concert (in May), and she asked if I'd be free to play....I said yes. Well, tonight I arrived at rehearsal with my "New York" music on the piano. It seems that when she asked if I was free she was asking about the NY trip, and not the concert, and I said yes. Well, now the selections have already been sent to the judging committee, and all of my expenses/reservations have already been made. And so, I head to NYC with them the last week of April.

I'm a bit disappointed because it's the same weekend as our high school drama troupe's production, but I can't say no at this I said, she is a good friend and it was a misunderstanding on my part. I know we'll have a fun time, but it's just another thing to add to an already crazy calendar. I'm wondering if God isn't slowly sending confirmation about "retiring" from accompanying....I've been trying to discern for weeks and just don't have a clear sense of peace about it yet. My husband says I've been in the process of quitting for about 7 years, and always about a month before the concert! The idea of a free night at home during the week sounds heavenly...and yet it's also out Christmas/vacation money, and is an easy way to earn it.

Ah well.....I'll just keep praying about it, and in the meantime, will try to find some time to rehearse some NEW music!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Oh, that is a sticky situation. I hope you figure out what what is best for you in the future. I know I struggle with commitments as well, as there are always positives and negatives in every choice. You'll figure it out!