Friday, March 09, 2007

Surviving without my "drug"

When I decided that giving up chocolate for Lent would help me to grow closer to God, I never realized how true it would be. Countless times I have had to pray for strength so that I wouldn't take someone's arm off while they ate it in front of me! Seriously, however, I am grateful for the overall feeling of "I can do this for God" that has lasted. Not surprisingly, I have lost a few pounds, and have had fewer headaches and have slept better. Hmmmmm.....I may need to really think about giving up ALL the sugar again before long; I've been remembering how much better I FEEL without it in my system...moreso, I recognize that it's hold on me is just one more little thing that maybe comes between me and my God.

Aside from that, Lent is moving on. We have just finished out third quarter for the year, and I have report cards to get done, but portfolios are already thick enough for the district (aside from the remainder of the photos) so that our last quarter can be a bit on the lighter side. Once the warmer weather starts, we ALL have more trouble spending hours at the dining room table. My storm queen and I plan on doing some seeds and planting this, I am NOT a gardner (and am allergic to a good part of the outdoors!), but she's been asking, and it seems like another attempt at a vegetable garden this year may be in the works.

In the meantime, I am busily working on things for the play which is coming FAR too fast. I've already told the girls that they will have a few light weeks with the "basics" to complete as independently as possible. They also get lots of extra fine arts entries by helping with the set and props.

For now, I will head off to begin my day....

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Good for you! I am looking at the calendar myself and getting very excited for the play! I will be sewing costumes all weekend for some lovely talking flowers!