Thursday, March 01, 2007

A week without CHOCOLATE!!!

With Lent now a week underway, I've feeling the effects of giving up one of the things I truly love most....that of chocolate (especially dark chocolate!). Every Lent I struggle with finding one thing to try and sacrifice, while also trying to actively DO something to get closer in my walk. I've always found it easier to do the latter, and began to think that God was calling me to look at why it's so hard to GIVE UP something. It's easy to add something on...I'm such a do-er.
For a short time I thought I'd try to give up sugar and white flour again (in the past I've lived without them for well over a year at a time, and felt SO much better....and I truly recognize the addictive qualities involved at this point), but I've tried that in recent years and gave up before the first Friday of Lent was upon me.

And so this year, I decided to compromise and just give up my absolute favorite. Not that I eat a TON of chocolate, but I've discovered just how much I miss that which I'm not having. The first few days I had headaches and was a total bear with the girls. This week has been easier, but I CRAVE the stuff at least several times a day. Yesterday found me begging the girls for their empty Dove Treasure wrappers so that I could at least bury my nose in them and smell them....I am truly wierd! (It sure did smell good, though!)

I HAVE found that I'm more aware of just how many things I still hold onto in my plodding toward holiness, and how reluctant I am to throw away the clutter. It will no doubt be the reflection point for many Lenten days ahead.

For now, I'm going to of these days I'll get my new blogroll done. I have to wait until my Ape Husband can help me out.

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

My grandfather, a pastor, used to tell me that the practice of sacrificing something you love for Lent was so that there would be more room for God to work wonders in your life. While it was a simplified explanation for a little girl, I find that the truth in that compares to always trying to give ourselves satisfaction with the wrong things as adults. Everytime you get the craving, take a moment to pray, knowing that you are making room for the Spirit!