Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekends are for resting, right??

Well, here it is Sunday dinner time and I still haven't gotten my planning done for tomorrow....had I known that I wouldn't really care for "EVITA" I wouldn't have stayed up late last night to preview it! Yesterday we dug out, and then I had to go work for a couple of hours. I managed once home to spend a little time working on my blog roll....I won't publish it until it's done, but I'm getting closer! Later in the day I worked on the costumes for our upcoming musical. I had to complete the knight's tunics, and found a cute example on a website that brought the checkerboard motif into play, and that fit's right in the "chess game" theme I'm working from. After completing them we worked on some minor props; today I'm finishing up the knights "helmets" with red/white duct tape on milk jugs. We still haven't figured out which way to wear them, but I'll leave it to the knights!!

I went out to the garage and dug out all the wood pieces for our backdrop frame from last year; the learning center's woodworking class is going to put it together tomorrow, so that means no props tomorrow as the wood and the art supplies fill up the van.

Frustrations are running high this weekend as our computer is showing signs of dying again....keeps rebooting and there's no guarantee that each time won't be the last. As there's no repair money right now, we're on alert....I've even put it to the kids that we can choose to postpone our Gettysburg vacation to buy a new one this spring.....we're actually all considering it!

That's all for to make dinner!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am all but lighting candles that the computer holds out again. I worry so terribly that someday I will lose everything again. Ugh! The worst is that you can put off Gettysburg for a year and go after studying all about it. If there are any files you need, feel free to forward them to me and I will save them for you!