Friday, May 18, 2007

Another school year ends

I've been a bit quiet the last two weeks as we've been finishing up schoolwork, putting together portfolios, and having evaluations. We actually finished earlier this week, and today we have an end of the year surprise today and our learning center graduation/celebration tonight. My authoress will be called up as she has finished eigth grade....I'm thrilled to see the group of girls she will go through high school with.

In the interim I've also given notice at the YMCA and have started a new job working at a local nursing home doing activities. Years ago I actually worked full time as an activities director for a nursing home and coordinated the dementia wing, so I love the population. I'll still only be working several evenings and Saturday afternoons, and one afternoon I take the Storm Queen to help me as I'm continuing a choir that my predecessor started. She had walked out off the job just two weeks before their spring concert -- which I found so unprofessional -- and I hope to have a more laid back concert for July. The ladies have all adopted the Storm Queen as their mascot, and I love the opportunity for them to have children around. I also love that both my girls are not uncomfortable in a nursing home; I think the community service hours will be great for the Authoress, and the Storm Queen will have years of experience working with the elderly....I can honestly see her heading in that direction herself when job possibilities arise years down the road.

One interesting note is that a few of the ladies spent a good part of the week discussing my homeschooling, and had questions. They think that I'm doing something great for my kids, and that was nice affirmation coming from a different perspective. Some of that generation WERE homeschooled, and many more went to one room schoolhouses where all grades worked together -- much like a large family that homeschools today. It was refreshing to hear from those that experienced it during a time when it was more the norm how supportive they were.

All in all, it's been a great school year. There were some motivation problems to deal with, but I know that any teacher in ANY school setting has the same problems. I am blessed for two bright girls that truly excel in English and the humanities, and don't fight me TOO much on the math/science end. The Authroess and I have been sketching out courses for high school, although alot depends on the offerings for next year at the learning center, and the Storm Queens books for language arts, math, and map skills have arrived already. I'm hoping she'll take a science class at the learning center, but I'm not worrying about it for now.

I'd best be off; I have a few errands to take care of, and then we're off to the surprise (which I'll post next time in case they're reading over my shoulder!)

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

It is a wonderful feeling to have another year under the belt, isn't it? YOu have a LOT to be proud of in your two darling girls. I can't wait to see the Authoress and the rest of 8th graders graduate to high school tonight.And I can't wait to hear what the surprise trip was!