Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back from Gettysburg and Emmitsburg

Well, our family vacation of four days is over all too soon (although it's ALWAYS nice to come home!), and already the girls have the movie "Gettysburg" on so that they can see exactly where we've walked the last few days! Our trip has grown out of a love of the Civil War for many years, and in particular, the Authoress being so drawn to Joshua Chamberlin and Little Round Top.

We spent Monday on Cemetery Hill, and then Little Round Top and all along the Union line and the site of Pickett's Charge. The PA monument was by far our favorite. Tuesday we went back to Little Round Top, Devil's Den, and then took a break to hit the huge barn of Boyd's Bear Country. Later that day I got a treat and walked through the National Shrine of Elizabeth Seton, who is my own patron saint. As a fellow convert, mother, and homeschool teacher, I just relate to her so much. To stand in the room where she taught, where she died, and where she is now entombed, just brought the "Holy Spirit goose bumps" as I call them.

Today we drove all all along Seminary Ridge from the Conderate side, and it was just amazing to me to think of all those soldiers having the courage to walk out across that open field, knowing that cannons and guns were just looking down on them. Even though I support the Union cause of the war, I have to say that I can better understand the strong beliefs that the South felt.

We ended out Gettysburg excursion at the museum, and enjoyed looking at all the exhibits. One point of humor was a group of teenage girls walking near us as we looked at an exhibit on a war camp, complete with of the girls remarked, "what in the world are POPTARTS doing in there??" I was VERY dignified in stifling a loud arrogant laugh!!

En route home we drove through Lancaster to eat at our favorite restaurant at our favorite hotel, and now I will head out shortly to pick up three rolls of film. Our only disappointment was the hotel....although it was very nice, and the staff were about the friendliest I've ever encountered, it was advertised as a "suite", and was really just one big room. So much for privacy! Oh, well, it's wonderful to go on a historic vacation and have the kids enjoy it so much!

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