Friday, May 25, 2007

Pictures from Mother Seton's Shrine

Here are a few photos from our vacation; included are the statue of Mother Seton, her shrine inside the basilica where her remains are now entombed, the "Stone House", where she first lived upon arriving in Emmitsburg, the "White House", where she and the sisters moved into, and the place where she died, and her original grave in the cemetery.
The more I reflect upon my visit, the more I realize how much I still need her intercessions! I think what truly shows my frail humanity is how I often really DO "plod" toward holiness when we should be dancing. The everyday trivial matters just seem to given much more importance than they should....and so I continue to pray to my patron saint for joy in the journey!
Mother Seton, on those days when homeschooling is full of complaining, whining, and lack of motivation, give us joy to dance and not plod!!

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