Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Plodding, Not Dancing

There are days when I wonder why I shouldn't be dancing toward holiness; I look around at the clutter in my house and the pile of work that I need to catch up on, and I realize that so much of IT is why I plod. This summer's goal is to try and streamline and get rid of things not really needed. Even in terms of curriculum for next year, I'm trying to keep things so much simpler. Every year I go out and buy so many things I never have time to use, or moreso, put away and forget I have, and it's really beginning to drive me crazy the older I get.

It's hard to dance in a LITTLE house that is full of clutter....and yet so many of our rooms have little pathways meandering through, and "straightening up" is moving a pile from one flat surface to another. Last night my husband looked at the dining room table and said..."and to think we all just sat there and had dinner last night". People who live in cluttered houses do not dance, they plod. Granted, I believe my INNER soul dances far more than plods, but I really want them to match.

I was reading a book on Mother Seton this morning (I couldn't find it on Amazon or B&N to link, but here is the information):

Mother Seton : Wife, Mother, Educator, Foundress, Saint
profile by the Daughters of St. Paul, based on "Elizabeth Seton" by
Msgr. Joseph Bardi. Spiritual gems of Mother Giuseppe Bardi
Publisher: Boston : St. Paul Editions, 1975

I originally bought it at a Catholic book store years ago, and I'm not sure it's still in print, but it's my favorite on the saint. One quote that really jumped out at me today was "Every step we take all day long is a step of nature or a step of grace". This assured me that plodding, while not the ideal, is still moving in the right direction. It seems that it is not always how FAST we move toward God, but the direction that we face. Our human qualities generally imply that when we move, we move forward. Therefore, if we are FACING God, no matter how far away He may seem at times, we are still moving TOWARD Him, no matter how slowly at times that might be.

Today, I will tackle one room, and try to make a little more room to really dance. In the meantime, I'll joyfully plod along.

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

My goal for the summer is to do the same with the basement. Taking one room at a time is such a wonderful thing, unless of course you move everything to said basement!
I know in my next life I will have a housekeeper and lots of space!