Thursday, June 14, 2007

The First Bump in the Homeschool Planning Road

Well, after our curriculum night this week at our Learning Center, I'm able to finally sit down and get planning underway. However, this morning I realized that I've already hit my first snag. In the past two years, we've started our homeschool year by doing three weeks in July, and then having periodic weeks off throughout the year....we've found the schedule refreshing as we never go more than 6-7 weeks without a break.

I had my weekly schedule all written out, and began filling in dates in my freshman's log book when it dawned on me that this year it may not work without a few tweaks. As it turns out, my daughter is taking quite a few of her core classes at the Learning Center (yeah!!) which lessen MY planning....however, I can no longer assume that OUR vacation weeks will really BE vacation weeks as she may have assignments in those classes. I've redone our schedule and will plan on keeping those "off" weeks in her log as "light" weeks....we will ONLY do those assignments that are needed. One PLUS to the schedule is that is now looks like we'll have a full three weeks off at Christmas, which may be really nice. We also will easily finish up by mid-May again, giving us a good 6 week break before our three week summer session.

Although I'm a little hesitant in giving up some of these weeks in between, I am thrilled that I am not having to do as much core planning here at home. Last year I was so burnt out by the last quarter, and I realized it was due to the fact that I was planning for five classes I taught at the Learning Center, plus ALL of their core classes, as well as a few others that my friend's daughters were doing here.....YIKES! This coming year my freshman will take her English, Science, and language core classes at the learning center, as well as geography and music electives. Her math is already set, and I have a multi-media teaching tool from the History Channel on US history that I will be using at the main focus of our US/PA history curriculum. My Storm Queeen is ALSO taking her English and Science at the learning center (and music/art electives), and again, her math book is all set to go. For social studies we will do some basic history alongside her sister, and throw in some US geography to finish out her year.

Since I am now teaching SIX classes at the learning center this year, it will wonderful to not have the additional planning on top of it. I look forward to just supervising homework assisgnments and not worry about grading and all that. Sometimes even the bumps in the road can be good things!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

This is just the part of homeschooling a high schooler that you hadn't yet considered! Scout had more than a few light weeks last year when he just did learning center work. Of course, he had a few really heavy weeks when he wanted to go on vacation and had to work ahead!

Truly, the more advanced curriculum needs consistent attention, and it does prep them for future studies (their college profs certainly won't care if they need a break!) The nice thing is...YOU aren't part of the equation during those light weeks, so YOU still get a break!!