Friday, June 01, 2007

The long awaited day has arrived!

The girls are still sleeping, but I know that the Authoress will wake up happy today. Today is June 1st, a day that has long been looked at on the calendar with great anticipation. Tonight, as an 8th grade graduation gift, I will take her to see her favorite band LONESTAR perform. Not only that, because she is a fan club member, she will get to meet them again and have her picture taken.
We did this last year, and had a blast (although the fans around us were not NEARLY as lively as this teen and her almost fifty mom!!). She is a bit sad because the lead singer will leave the group at the end of the year, but I, myself, take my hat off to him for his decision. He's leaving the group to do some solo work, but mostly the decision was made to be with his family and kids more. Sounds to me like a guy who has his priorities straight!

As she greets the day with excited joy, I'll await the call from the garage with most likely equal amounts of dread. Yesterday we headed off to my new job in the three month old new van (OK, it's not NEW, but is for us!) only to have MAJOR problems with the transmission.....complete with sputtering, jerking....and yes, that little bit of black smoke coming out the back! We managed to get it to the garage last night, but I suspect that we'll have a lovely bill awaiting us later on. I'm truly beginning to believe that God gives us used cars just to keep us on our knees. After paying for them, you can only rely on faith to get you through the rest of the money issues involved!

So the Authoress will be happy, and the Storm Queen will be for MOST of the day. It seems lately that EVERY day brings something that she is unhappy about. We keep praying that it's a short phase, and even she has articulated that she wants to control her little outbursts but can't seem to. I DID notice that in the last few weeks we've done less devotional reading in the morning, and I have no doubt that THAT is the culprit. It amazes me how insidious the devil is in the quiet ways he sneaks in. I remember reading the "Screwtape Letters" and just saw myself on every page. Maybe that would be a good book to pull out for a quick summer read.

Well, I'm now rambling, so it's best to bring this to a close. Off to greet the day!

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