Monday, August 27, 2007

Car entertainment....

Dialogue while coming home from lunch with Dad to celebrate our first day back to school......passing by house with a statue out front, I heard:

Authoress: That was interesting...

Storm Queen: I thought it was duck.

Authoress: A DUCK? It was a LADY! How could you have seen a duck?

Storm queen: You know, like modern art. It looked sort of like a skinny duck with a sweater on.

Authoress: It was a LADY carrying a jug on her head.

Storm Queen: I thought the jug was the duck's head.

Authoress: Mom, turn the car around....we have to go back and see this thing...

If the price of gas wasn't so high, I'd consider it. Next time we'll bring along the camera to take a picture of the duck-lady.

For now, back to sentence diagramming and geography!

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