Sunday, August 12, 2007

Later that summer...

I've been out of blogville for quite some time; part of the time was forced upon us with a bad hard drive, and we were totally without a computer for several weeks. Add to that our short summer session of school in July, and LOTS of planning to get ready for the coming year, and I've just been too busy to sit down to post. I can't even say that I've had much time to sit and visit other sites aside from a few core ones I check almost daily.

With our regular school year starting back up on the 27th (we have 15 days done from July, but they were light and had several field trips) I think my planning is in pretty good shape for the girls. I have a rough schedule outlined for them to follow each week....I really think a more structured "I have this on this day" kind of schedule may help our work habits to get back on track. Last year I felt that we were very lax toward the end of the year.

As for the learning center, all six of my classes are a go, with registrations looking really good in most and I'll be at about 25 for my music theater class -- YIKES!!! I love the class, though, and I have two adult helpers and two students, so they really help to keep the kids focussed. From what I hear, it is NOT a huge group of 4th graders making up the increase, but some new students from across the board grade-wise. I'm really excited about another great year, and most of my lesson plans are about done. Now just comes putting the nuts and bolts together and gathering/collating/assembling supplies for at least the first few weeks.

Glad to finally be back in Blogville....hope to get out and about and visit more of the Catholic Moms in the weeks to come!

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