Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pine Sol and Lemon pledge.....

These are smells that are found all too infrequently in our home, as I confess to being a cleaning-challenged homemaker. The last several months I feel like I've carried the same list into confession regarding my home, and after months of praying to St. Anne and St. Martha, something finally clicked. In the past week I've given the house a BIG cleaning, and it's given the home a sense of peace. I notice the girls have been getting along SO well the past few days, and I'm beginning to make the connection between clutter and chaos. We sat down and came up with some basic chore/responsibility lists for the school year, and I pray that we will continue to transform our home into one of order over chaos.

For now, the girls are enjoying their last few days of real vacation. Although we had a short three week summer session, the "real" schedule starts next week, and then even more will be added when learning center resumes in September. I think we are all ready!

Praying for the many families who are saying goodbye to those heading off to college this weekend....we will be there in those shoes all too soon!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I know how good you must feel...breathe deeply!! I love it after I have gotten that sort of gumption and the house looks and smells that great!

Vacation? Where did it go? I am seriously hoping for at least one more week of hot weather...lesson planning is more fun by the pool!