Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Heat is On!

Sitting here with a sweatshirt on and feeling the warmth of the HEAT on this morning can only make me smile. I am a fall weather girl. I hate the heat and humidity of summer, so those "cooler" days in August and early September just tease me a bit about my favorite time of year.

Just last week it was almost 90 degrees on the first day of Learning Center. Yesterday I got up and saw that it was 40 degrees outside. My attitude has taken a 180, and it's largely due to weather. I love the fall....perhaps it's because I grew up in the northeast and remember foliage even more vibrant than PA gives me...perhaps it's the farm stands and apple orchards, the wildlife refuge close to my childhood that brought flocks of geese everyday.....whatever the reason, I have always loved this time of year best.

Maybe it's as simple as loving sweatshirts! Yesterday I pulled one out for the first time because it was chilly, and this morning I know I will eventually take it off, but it's really coming, fall is! I'm EVEN considering a cup of HOT coffee this morning vs. my usual year-long iced version! On further thought.....that might need to wait until winter!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I'm with you girl! Last night I even pulled out the flannel pjs! Yes!