Sunday, October 07, 2007

And then there were four...

Well, after several months of feeding a stray, trying to find a way to get him to the ASPCA, and (of course), falling in love with him as well, the male cat is now upstairs sacked out in the bedroom with his blanket. Tomorrow he goes to the vet to be tested for feline leukemia, and if "clean", he'll get his shots and come home before going back again next week for surgery to remove testosterone-producing other words, we suckers, and the cats know it!

He was named Tao by the girls this summer, and is white and orange and beautiful....a nice contrast for the three black females inside. Ahhhhh....let the games begin....AGAIN!

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Angela said...

I've been waiting months for you to finally admit the truth. Acknowledgement of a problem is the first step in recovery! ;)