Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our love of libraries....

We just got back from one of our weekly journies to an area library. This is the local one, that we don't have a "set time" for, as we can go whenever the time and inspiration allow. Our other two libraries we alternate between on Fridays and Tuesdays, and thus half our living room is full of big canvas totes overflowing most of the time. Although the girls are wonderful about taking books OUT of the totes, they have not yet mastered putting them back into the appropriate bags, so their are also various piles throughout the room. (This includes the various piles of movies by the VCR/DVD player.)

We love libraries....we love the smell of them, the peace that hangs in the air, and the unique character of each. The Authoress was thrilled to find that not just ONE of her favorite authors had finished his/her latest book, but doubt she'll be reading most of the night and all day tomorrow! (Luckily we have a very light week this week!) The Storm Queen always gets out far more books than she actually reads, but for an 8 1/2 year old, she still reads far beyond her years. I often catching her sniffing her books....she says she loves the smell of them......yes, they have my DNA.

I usually divide my books up between planning books for teaching and 1-2 that are "just for me". I NEVER have enough time for reading, it seems, but I have to spend at least a LITTLE of each day with a friend full of pages. My Ape Husband and I actually met in a penpal organizaton for booklovers, so it's as normal as breathing for us. He devours books at great speed, and has far better retention than I will EVER have! Our "dream" retirement is to get a little popup trailer and tour the country's second hand bookstores...shipping home crates every now and then to the children to stick out in the sheep barn.

For now, I have a cat draped over the back of my shoulders around my neck, and the other members in the family all have open books...did I mention that right after we come home from the library is a great time to grab the computer for a few minutes!!

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