Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Plans for a Colonial Day celebration

My Storm Queen and I have been doing a unit on colonial life, and I was trying to think of a neat way to wrap it up between now and Thanksgiving. With some real brainstorming, we are now planning on inviting a few friends over for a real colonial day together. Here are our plans, if any of you might want to try the same:

Pre-planning: To gear up, you might try reading Sarah Morton's Day, a Scholastic Book, or If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern. Both books give an idea of the kinds of activities you could include.

Here are some of the things that we are planning on:

EXCEPTIONS: Although we hope to get a feel for real colonial life, there are a few exceptions we will make. The first will be an absolute refusal to give up indoor plumbing! I will also use the stove to cook, and will use a camera to take lots of pictures for portfolios! Aside from that, we will use candles, heat water to do dishes, and say goodbye to movies, computers, etc. for the day!

CLOTHES: We will request that all the girls that attend will wear dresses or skirts, as pants were unheard of. We will either provide or make first thing their aprons and coifs (bonnets).

FOODS: We will make homemade butter, bake bread, and possibly make ice cream. Our main meal will be as they ate at midday, and I will roast a chicken with potatoes and vegetables, and serve corn on the cob. Drinks will include homemade grape juice and apple cider.

SCHOOLING: To count it as more than a "history" day, we will use slates to do some spelling/math, memorize scripture verses, try our hand at writing with quill pens, and read the almanac to determine good planting times for our fall bulbs. I will also assign a "post" assignment to journal about the day.

GAMES/ACTIVITES: Games could include marbles, hopscotch, homemade kites, and singing. We will also try either weaving or sewing samplers or quilt squares. My Storm Queeen has even suggested I try to find directions to make "poppets", or the colonial dolls.

My Authoress is doing some major protesting, as the idea of a day without computer, spiral notebooks/ballpoint pens, and real books is almost frightening to her, but I think she'll survive!! If nothing more, she will appreciate all our modern conveniences the moment it all ends!!

I'll keep you all posted on how things go, and post some pictures down the road...this may be several weeks away yet, but we're getting excited!

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Angela said...

Oohh! This sounds like fun. Maybe I should hitch the horse to the wagon and take a peek! We did something similarly a few years ago, even slept out under the stars with a bedroll. Have a great time!