Friday, October 12, 2007

Praying to St. Francis AND to St. Rita

Two quick prayer requests this morning...the latter being far more important!

First of all, our now resident stray has tested positive for feline leukemia, so it looks like there is only one real option for us, which is heart=breaking for all of us (especially my little Storm Queen). With three other cats to think about, and knowing that we have neither the money or the room for long term quarantines, I will need to bring him back to the vet -- one last time. This is the second cat we have had to put to sleep from this disease, and the first was my favorite cat of all time, who was dreadfully sick in the end, fighting for every breath. I can't risk having all the kitties in the house come to the same fate. So please, St. Francis, watch out over our Tao. I'm glad his final days were full of of comfort and love, unlike the last owner who most likely kicked him out of the house upon receiving the news.

The second prayer request is a grave and urgent one. A good friend from the Y told me last night that her 11 year old niece is in an Alabama hospital fighting for her life with a staph infection that has reached her blood stream. I ask any of you who pray to please include seems pretty hopeless, and we may need a miracle. St. Rita, please be with this young woman and her family....her doctors...and intercede, praying always for healing in God's way.

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Angela said...

Praying on all accounts. While the news on Tao is quite sad, the news from down South certainly puts it in perspective . HUGS!