Monday, October 15, 2007

The sickness continues...

Well, my Storm Queen is finally over the virus that had both her and I sick last week, although she has a horrid cough that's holding on. My Authoress, however, complained of a bad sore throat last night, and today woke up at 4:00AM with a fever of 101...she's really disappointed to miss our learning center for a second week (she was out with bad allergies two weeks ago), but that's life.

I spent a fair amount of time last night doing alternative lesson plans as my Ape husband can't take today off, and I'll head over there to drop everything off before he heads to work. I AM planning on heading in to just teach the chorus class this afternoon as the Storm Queen doesn't want to miss her biology test (go figure!).

So I'll have another day at home to play nursemaid, catch up on laundry, and maybe get the Storm Queen caught up from the few assignments she didn't quite finish last week. I generally don't give them the day "off" for sick days, unless they have high fevers and are totally unable to focus at all. I'll generally give them just their reading -- which they both love to do while sick anyway -- and try to find a video that can be used for science or history. As long as they're gonna watch movies anyway, they might as well have the school day counted.

Today is also "D" day for the cat....I take him to the vet tonight. I'm really struggling with it; euthanasia -- even on a sick animal -- goes against everything I believe in terms of my pro-life stance. God created him; I believe only God should take the same time, I recognize that we don't have money for medicine like we would with a sick person to make them comfortable, and I can't send him out into the world again because he may spread the leukemia. I also can't keep him locked up in our bedroom for who knows how long as we three other cats in the house who are healthy. Although I know it's the only option, I take it with a great deal of reluctance.

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Angela said...

I missed you all yesterday, and hope you are all healthy again soon. Hugs about kitty, but you know you are doing the right thing. Did you ever ponder why God led him to you in the first place? Because you would save him from the suffering. It is not ours to question the mystery of God's ways!