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Decided the topic was too fun to NOT try and post, so here goes...thanks again to Jennifer and the GROUP WRITING PROJECT at ET TU?.

1. They loved unconditionally. Although neither of my parents were church goers, they DID live very Christian like lives in the way they loved. No matter what we may have done as kids, we knew without a doubt that they loved us, and always would. As my faith grew later in life, it was easy to relate to a Heavenly Father that loved me, because my earthly father had done the same.

2. They taught me to appreciate a simple life. We were certainly not poor, by any means, but we lived in a relatively rich town and we were at the lower end of the economic chain in that town. Alot of my friends lived with designer tags and expensive things, and I learned that none of those things brought happiness. We lived a simple life that valued family time and simple pleasures. Every Sunday we'd visit relatives (I had 23 first cousins!), and our leisure time was spent reading, taking walks, going for ice cream, and in the summer, a drive-in movie. YEars later, I am finding that my children are learning the same lesson about life's simple pleasures.

3. They at least planted a seed for faith to grow. My mom had been active in her church before marrying, but my dad had gotten "turned off" by the organized religion and seeing his mom fall for Jehovah Witnesses, so we found that we went to Sunday School and church only up through about 4th grade or so. I can't say much about my early church years aside from loving this one stained glass window above the altar that had a beautiful dove on it. I really wondered why this whole church thing was important at all since my parents didn't embrace it. It wasn't until years later, after some young adult years of a real pagan lifestyle, that I realized how I was truly searching for something. It was only then that the "peaceful" feeling and that dove I remembered from church spoke to me, and I figured, "hey, I've tried everything else to find happiness, why not give God a try?"

I had a LONG conversion to Christianity, and even longer to my Catholic faith, but I realize that God was working throughout, and although in the end I believe that HE planted a seed deep within me at conception to long for Him, my parents at least nurtured it enough to make me remember when the soil was right.

My conversion story? Now, THAT's another whole post or two!

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