Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods

....to Grandmother's house we'll go....today will be a light day of schoolwork at the library later as we prepare and pack for our visit to MA. The girls are so excited to be heading up to "Grandma's" house; we haven't gotten up there for over a year, and that's way too long. Since my dad died seven years ago, I'm much more conscious of the fact that my kids don't see their extended family all that much. As one who grew up visiting cousins at Grandma's every Sunday afternoon, it's been one of the harder things in life to adjust to; however, living in PA just doesn't make frequent visits all that easy or affordable (especially with today's gas prices!). On the other hand, much as I LOVE my family and visiting, I'm also realizing as I grow older just how much a homebody I am. We rarely go away for more than 3-4 days anymore, which is just right. A couple of days away provide some R&R, but after that I'm longing to be back in my own routine in my familiar environment.

I tried posting some photos of colonial day last night, and found to my chagrin that this temporary computer we got from a library surplus doesn't have enough memory to support the program we used. It will be SO nice when we can finally afford our old one to be fixed!!! Later today I'll at least try to post some directions for a few of the things we made....photos may not be a possibility!

Oh well, off to make some breakfast and wrap a few of the Christmas presents we'll be taking along on our trip....then I guess I better make a list of what to bring!

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Angela said...

Have a lovely visit my dear! Enjoy yourself and relax a bit!!!