Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

I remember someone once telling me while back in the discernment days of homeschooling that there would be days that would be wonderful, and other days that would make me wonder what the heck I'm doing this for. In the past two days we've experienced BOTH extremes in our home. Yesterday was a difficult day, with the girls getting a VERY late start, and being distracted and whining and just not getting it for so much of the day. By dinner time my Storm Queen had done math and a little english; she still has a two page biology report to catch up on, plus the assignment for THIS week. She also still has one more sheet for her writing class, a biography to read for history, and a take home test for music history. Didn't seem like much had been crossed off her list!

The Authoress was even WORSE....we spent literally almost three hours on algebra, and had completed only four problems. For some reason she just CAN'T grasp the "signs" while simplifying expressions. I tried explaining it SO many ways, and used manipulatives--which she seemed to get for a little while, and then totally lost it afterwards. When Storm Queen and I left for several hours I told her she could work on several other "catch up" assignments (she has a LONG list), and when we returned home I found that she had done but a short segment of one. I was ready to call it quits with her last night....I just got nervous about whether I could truly give her what she needs to succeed in college in just a few years.

Today, however, was the total opposite. We again got a late start -- due to a necessary trip to do the food shopping as we'd been away and really needed it!-- but at 2:00 we all sat down to do math. Storm Queen seems to be getting the idea that division is nothing more than backwards multiplication, and was able to do her two pages with little help. Authoress and I again sat down to algebra, and lo and behold, all of a sudden she seemed to GET it!!! I did several things with her and then left her to finish many more on her own, and she only needed help on a couple. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers!! She then spent a LONG time trying to get her geography big project more complete.....although she still has alot to do, I think she can get through her take home quizzes tomorrow quickly, and then we can get through a science lab together. Math review tomorrow should prepare her for a test on Friday, and then she'll just have her learning center stuff to do. Her geography project has become much longer than it needed to be, but she is doing such
an incredibly detailed itinerary that I'm actually looking forward to reading it! I don't doubt that she will get an A+ for this one!

After studies today we've folded laundry, laughed, and watched our favorite Shakespeare play (Much Ado About Nothing). What a difference a day makes ~~ THIS is why I choose to homeschool!!!!

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Angela said...

This is so true! I am glad things turned around for you all, and hoping that tomorrow brings another day of smooth studies!