Friday, December 21, 2007

Slowing down for the holiday

Haven't blogged much this past week; with wrapping and Christmas cards I've had some extra stuff to do, but alot has been the girls' vacation beginning -- sometimes it's easier to kick back and not have to fight for the computer!

Last night at work a regular young teen member was chatting at the front desk and telling me how she had to go to see her brother get his first confession in awhile. During the course of the conversation it became clear just how uneducated some of the youth of the church are.....she's currently taking classes to prepare for confirmation, but openly admits that she hasn't been to Mass or confession since communion! I asked her WHY she was being confirmed, knowing already that the answer would be "because my parents say I have to". I then tried to explain just what confirmation WAS, and how it was saying YES to the Catholic faith -- how one can do that with so much ignorance is beyond my understanding. As an adult convert, I LOVED learning of the riches of the Church....of the saints, the sacraments, the liturgy....even the "rituals" took on real meaning when I understood them better. Today's youth seems to see confirmation as an ENDING poing , not a beginning. It's quite sad. I look at my Authoress and give thanks to a young lady who has really embraced the faith, choosing to give service to the parish as a cantor, helping with various social outreach events, and receiving the Sacraments on a regular basis. Sometimes I think it might be better for many of these young kids today to WAIT until they are adults to make their choice in the faith. At the same time, the sacrament bestows grace, and maybe they need that more at this time in their life.

Back from the tangent....will finish up some more wrapping today and then will spend some time with friends coming for lunch. I love having a break from all the lesson planning...even though I know they are just WAITING until next week to jump out at me!

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Angela said...

We've spoken on this before, but I agree with so much of what you've said. Too often, kids just follow in the faith of their parents because it is the thing to do. But I wonder, how much of this is the parents fault in not taking the time to really ensure their children have a deep and meaningful understanding of such a commitment? I believe you made sure your girls knew the meaning behind things, because understanding was such a big part of your adult conversion. I often wonder if I have not made mistakes in allowing my children to be students of religion when young, learning and growing free to choose as adults. I have to rest on faith in this. At least I know when they do choose, it will be with knowledge and faith.