Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spent the Day on the Beach....

SOUTH BEACH, that is. My sister and I have been lamenting about our postmenopausal highest weight ever stuff, and I had told her of my plans to start the South Beach Diet right after the holidays. She had decided to start early, and after seeing her results, and looking at my calendar, I realized it was silly not to do the same. AFter the staff party this past week, I really only have one other "food" engagment between now and Christmas, and it's with close friends from the YMCA, who would no doubt support my attempts.

So yesterday was Day One of the strict two week phase, where you say goodbye to so many of man's great concoctions, as well as many of God's. I thought it would be so hard to give up chocolate, and in the end, it was the carbs I missed most. I know that many of them I will eventually get back, but for these two weeks there will be none. I know the first few days are the hardest as the cravings are around, but my sister lost over 8 pounds so far, and said it's really easy once you get through the first few days. I've agreed with everything I've read so far, and I'm ready. So as I wrap some gifts and get some cards done, I'll just enjoy my time here on the the way, I'll be the one NOT wearing the bikini!

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Angela said...

Good for you! We didn't talk about this, but I am starting something similar for medical reasons. Let me know how SouthBeach goes for you. We can sit together at lunches eating our proteins and salads , thinking of the time when we are a few sizes smaller!