Friday, December 07, 2007

St. Nicholas and poodle skirts

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting a poodle skirt done (well, ALMOST done) for my Authoress, who will be going to the homeschool teen winter banquet tonight (a 50's theme). My younger Storm Queen opted to sew along with me; she is still in the beginning stages of just sewing straight seams, but she's come a long way. Her seams are straight and her stitches are now small and neat.

At any rate, we discussed St. Nicholas day a bit while we worked, and then proceeded to talk about the difficulty in waiting patiently for Christmas. Although my girls truly DO have the right mindset of Jesus' birth as the real focus, I told them that it's still okay to be looking forward to the gifts! We are human, after all! (At our house, the "commercialism" of the lists isn't there....they ask for very little, and pretty simple things.)

I found that the whole project of sewing really helps to illustrate the need for patience. To do a job properly, it takes time; one can't hurry, or mistakes will be made. At one point, my Storm Queen said, "Gee, mom, I've sewn this little handbag by HAND in no time, and you have a MACHINE and can't get a poodle skirt done in a day!" No doubt the lesson of patience is still on the table for today!

I've blogged very little this past week; I've had to work weekends for a couple of weeks, and I look forward to a quiet one this weekend. I have about 75 report cards to do for my learning center students, as well as getting my own two done for the semester. Maybe it won't be so quiet after all! The girls know that the tree will not go up for another week; I usually wait for the third candle -- the Gaudaute candle -- to put up the tree. It's the pink candle, the candle of joy, that say's "the waiting is almost over....He's almost here!". I try never to rush the Christmas decorating; aside from the manger and the Advent candles, we WAIT to do the other holiday decorating. Waiting is hard....but there's also an excitement about it. Putting the tree up the third week means the waiting is almost over, and the girls' excitement goes to a new level. At our house we don't put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve, so the waiting continues, along with lots of conjecture and discussion. We listen to Christmas songs, we watch a few favorite movies, and read, read, read to our hearts content. Hopefully there will be some white flakes to add to the merriement!

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