Monday, December 10, 2007

The waiting continues...

With the second Sunday of ADvent passing by, we are still in "wait" mode for decorating....although we see countless cars going by with trees on top, we have always waited until that third Advent candle is lit. With only a few more days of academics left until our three week break, I'm honestly waiting more for the break! Last night I graded all papers that students had turned in, and this morning I arose at 3:45 to make the promised brownies that my teenager had requested (I had actually set the alarm an hour later, but the cat decided I should get an earlier start!).

Today will be an easy day; I'm just planning some Christmas videos for classes--some of the students will share orally a few assignments, but aside from that it will be a low key day. I realized this past week that this was the year I could no longer afford to get each of my students a gift, as I now have almost 75 students during the day. Even with alot of kids taking more than one class, I'd still have close to 50 to buy for. My girls even decided that rather than buy the dollar store trinket that most teachers don't really need, they would instead take the time this week to write a heart felt thank you to each teacher and send it in a card. With our budget being so tight this year, I embraced this idea gladly.

Last night my daughter cantored the teen Mass for the first time, and she did a wonderful job. Her voice is really maturing; no more "little girl breathy" sound anymore. I was so proud!

Oh well, I have to go make their lunches for the day, and then finalize packing. It's so nice to be on the last Monday of the semester!

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Angela said...

Wishing you a wonderful and much deserved break! Sleep in, and then let the fun begin!