Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrapping is finally done!

Today my husband showed me again just why I love him so much. My daughter's best friend had called and asked if I could take her shopping for her mom's gift, and with three different stores on the request list I knew it would be a LONG trip. My husband offered to take the girls and go and pick them up, and take them all over. I had about three uninterrupted hours to finish up all the wrapping and odds and ends that needed ADD to that, he then came home and ate dinner, and THEN went and did the grocery shopping. Yup, sure was smart marrying THIS guy!

Just finished the Christmas newsletter tonight (had problems imbedding the photos), so will take those to work tomorrow to get ready to mail on Monday. Monday morning I need to go to the post office to pick up our mail as we've been SLOWLY chipping away at the ice out front, and then we'll have a couple of days for church, family, and really focussing on the reason for the season.

The waiting has been long, but Advent is now almost over. May our hearts prepare Him room as we celebrate His coming!

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