Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Tidbits....

It's been a busy few weeks, and I've had little time on the computer at all. Those fleeting moments that I HAVE had were spent with teaching things that needed doing. So here is a recap of the past month:

The holidays ended with a trip to my in-laws for New Year's Eve, which the girls always love. I, too, have a wonderful time, as I am one of the "blessed" who has a mother-in-law that I adore. In many ways I'm more like her than my own mom! The adults managed to make it until midnight (my Ape husband DID need a nap beforehand!), and then we got up for Mass early the next day.....the little church down the road is a mission church, actually...the "real" church is down in Bloomsburg, but this is the kind of Catholic church I love going to. As a Protestant convert from a small church, it was hard to get used to being a member of a parish of 3000 families. Granted, I've gotten to know ALOT of them, but I still LOVE the intimacy of this little church with about 150 people. Someday the Ape & I hope to retire up in this town and make it our own place of worship.

The Authoress had been scheduled for a big trip to Lancaster for a homeschool music festival, but unfortunately our van went in for inspection on the 29th of December and cost us over $900 in the end....I just couldnt' justify going that much in debt right after Christmas, and she totally understood. The money we had saved for the trip took a big dent out of the repair expenses.

It wasn't until the weekend arrived and we were home that we realized that God had the foresight to have us be where we were needed. A dear friend's daughter (the Authoress' best buddy) has been struggling with anorexia for the past year, and this was the weekend of the ultimate intervention....this week she is heading to Philly for an inpatient stay at a well known hospital for eating disorders. Had we gone to Lancaster, we would have missed the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with their family....we are all praying that the old girl we love is still strong enough inside to fight for her own recovery, and have placed her in God's own hand to watch over. I think the next month will see alot of field trips to Philly!

As a PA girl who grew up in the Boston area, I am missing the snow that THEY got, but I'm also LOVING football right now! Two games to go and my Patriots will have done what no team has done is a LONG time.....I only hope that it won't be the Giants that they meet in the final showdown, as my Ape husband would be routing for them! :O)

School began a bit better this semester, with the girls resolved to say goodbye to the computer and movies until all work is completed for the day. We had held a family meeting to discuss computer gaming time, and the Authoress came prepared with four pages of notes to support her the end, it was adopted to try, and it is actually working quite nicely. She really does impress me!

Finally, after a month "on the beach" of using the South Beach Diet food plan, I am down 14 pounds, and aside from a bad week at Christmas and a couple of bad days, I'm loving this new way of eating. I had told the personal trainer at the YMCA (I work there) I'd start coming in to exercise after losing 25 pounds, but the Authoress convinced me to start early, so we headed up last night for some time on the treadmills....which the Storm Queen strongly objected to! :O)

So, that's the brief recap for the it's back to the real world!

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