Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lots of upcoming trips to Philly...

Today we made our first of many upcoming weekly trips to Philly. The Authoress' best friend in the whole world (and a "third" daughter to me!) has just finished her first week stay at an inpatient facility for eating disorders. It was a really encouraging visit, as she seems really motivated to get better. We'll be heading down once a week to visit, as long as this mild winter weather sticks around on travel days!

Beforehand today we drove down into the city to visit my niece, and it was nice hour and a half at her place. She teaches at an inner city school, and shares a house with three friends and her dog Max. The house is an older home, but beautiful in terms of old architecture and wood. We'll most likely try and visit with her again some week as she lives right by the art museum and the Franklin Institute -- both places on our "to go to" list!

Next visit down we're going to drive down and check out the Authoress' first choice in a future college en route....I know it's several years away, but I also know that it will be here WAY too fast!! I've also realized that I need to add a home economics class sometime in the next couple of years....she really needs to know things like laundry, sewing buttons/mending, and a more extensive cooking repertoire before heading off on her own.

Ah well, for now, I'd best get the Storm Queen to bed!

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Angela said...

I'm glad the visit went so well. I have been praying for K to have wonderful doctors and hope! Enjoy the city...I do so miss it!