Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A very noisy staff meeting!

Yesterday we had a staff meeting at the Learning Center where we work, and it was held out in the big lunch room rather than a smaller room where we normally meet. In a word, it was LOUD. The administration is a woman I care about alot, and probably know better than most, but I sometimes cringe at her administrative choices. We all had to yell if we said anything at all....I pretty much chose to sit and eat my lunch and just listen.

However, there was one bit of "conversation" that bothered me, and that was another teacher discussing her proposal to teach a class on "how to read a novel" -- complete with 20 page papers and deep topics (from what I COULD hear, it sounded more like a college level class). Why did it bother me? Well, I finally decided to offer to teach a literary analysis class of my own, and had worked hard to put together a skeleton outline with a book list to show if needed. This woman is a new mom, and I love her style and spirit, but I was feeling hurt. This was the one class I had not yet heard back on from the administrator. Later in the day I did get a chance to talk with her, and it sounded like she is giving the class to me, so I felt better. Tonight I will talk further with her as we have a monthly get together which is more informal. It's sometimes more productive to talk over a cup of coffee than at lunch during a teaching day!

More on this later....right now, I need to start my day!

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Angela said...

Well, you know that we are of a like mind on that situation. I will be there tonight, adding my support of your teaching that class for my son! You are proven as an amazing teacher, and your lessons will surely challenge as well as engage the students' minds.