Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Drink the Water!

At least, it seems that way this week! Currently I am the backup organist at our parish for funerals as our other organist is out after a hernia operation. Between this past Wednesday and next Tuesday there are FIVE funerals! I even had to turn one down on the Monday since I teach all day at the learning center. Makes you wonder!

On the positive note, we are finally going to have the money by mid-March for a new computer, which will be EXTREMELY nice after our old one died and the interim arrived. It's been adequate, but SO slow, and doens't allow alot of stuff on it. One of my STUDENTS and his dad actually build computers, and they are creating one for us with lots of bells and whistles....makes the extra income really handy!

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Angela said...

It does seem a little morbid to profit from death, but if someone has to do it, it should be someone as giving and generous as you. I am just so happy for you about the new computer!!! How awesome it will be!! We can talk more about this as the time gets closer.