Monday, February 04, 2008

If they had to lose....

I'm glad it was to my husband's favorite team. Yes, the Patriots are still the best team in the league in my eyes, and their 18-0 record will be remembered by us loyal fans, but in the end, the Giants will go down as the team who beat the best to win the Superbowl. In a few years, ONLY the loyal Pats fans will remember anything else.

Went to a superbowl party with some homeschool friends which was much nicer than sitting at home with my radio (as CBS didn't carry the game!), and while I was driving home I was thinking on how often we fall into the same trap of perfectionism. No matter how great a year might be, or how many tests my kids might do GREAT on, they always seem to remember the one bad grade, or the one lousy incident. I'm just as guilty sometimes -- especially with my life long battle with weight loss. This time around I think I'm finally realizing that it's the overall effort and the not giving up that counts. Little by little, I'll get there. So far I've lost 17 pounds since starting South Beach in December, and although there have been few bad days (even a bad week or two!), I've made some real progress.

My house still looks like the disaster it was after Christmas, and I keep beating myself up over the lack of time I seem to have to CLEAN....I truly AM plodding my way through clutter -- quite literally! -- toward a closer relationship with God. As a coach, He doesn't expect perfection like Belichik might ask from his players, but instead gives us the ball and lets us call all our own plays. He also will NEVER forget us, no matter how many mistakes we might make along the way. In reality, He's already GIVEN us perfection in His Son, who will eventually lead us to victory in that final game -- as long as we keep playing.

Ah well, I'm beginning to ramble, and tomorrow promises to be a LONG day of teaching after getting up TOO early! I'd best be off to bed!

Congratulations to all you Giants fans out there....and thanks to the Patriots for their best season ever. You may have lost the Superbowl, but you're still the best!!

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Angela said...

Thank you for sharing your wisdom about perfection. It is so hard to step back from idealism, isn't it? I have felt guilty as well, for often my idealism is projected onto the kids, in the areas where I excel. Instead, I should always remember the areas where I struggle before being too tough on them. Parenting is great for humility, if we are only honest with ourselves!
Sorry about your Pats...