Monday, February 25, 2008

The pieces are coming together....

Quite literally!! I've been absent from the blogosphere for awhile as I've been working on lesson plans for next year and portfolios for this year. The next two months are my "crazy" months with the show and a chorus concert back to back, so I try to get other things out of the way as much as possible.

This weekend I cut out the rest of the puzzle pieces for our musical; seven girls are playing the part of puzzle pieces, and I designed a 21 piece foam puzzle with each girl getting 3 pieces attached with velcro. During the show their pieces will be on scattered pieces of velcro on shoulders, knees, and hip, and then at the end they will hopefully come together to show the audience the fisherman scene. All the pieces are now cut, and I just have to glue gun them and possibly staple them as well. I think the end result will work!!

I also made up my "MASTER LIST" for the next two months. Every year sometime during the latter part of February I face this task.....this year I procrastinated a few days because I always want to scream when it's all down on paper. I usually verbalize my fears in getting it all done, and then my Ape husband -- the quiet, stable, voice of reason -- says calmly, "yes, dear.....every year you make the same list, and every year it all somehow gets done". I love that man for his ability to ground me!!

Once I get over the initial mini-panic, I get busy. I've always worked well with lists. I've managed to knock off several things this weekend, and it's always such a great feeling to cross those items off! LOTS still to do, but I now have a plan!

The musical is coming together; a few of the younger leads are still stumbling a bit with their lines, and the "flow" hasn't quite clicked in yet, but I'm pleased with where we are right now. In the end, they always come together in a great performance!! My chorus is REALLY impressing me this year; I have 13 and they sound absolutely wonderful! Our concert this year is music through America, singing a song for each decade with narration in between. Next week we'll have our solo auditions, and I'm already aware of how difficult some of those choices will be! I am truly BLESSED to have a job where I get to do what I love most with other homeschool families who share my convictions -- and actually make some money at the same time!!

Today our learning center is off, so we'll be heading out shortly to go bowling and shopping, and of course, out to lunch!! (The girls don't know that part, yet!). My blogging may be a bit less in the next month or two, but I'll try to get on every now and then with updates. Once summer is here, I hope to post some of the more successful lesson plans of the year on my site. SOMEDAY, I hope to still publish some of what I put together!!

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Angela said...

You do need to hug that man, because I have seen you get it done, year after year. I can hardly believe it is all moving so fast though!

BTW, we need to get together and get these lesson plans published...we really should share all this stuff!