Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

Well, there are actually TWO countdowns that have begun at our place. The first is more mine, as we are now in the final three weeks before the show. My energy level has spiked, knowing that from here on it's adrenaline that really gets me moving. Yesterday I finished the box for "Jackie"-in-the-Box, using pieces of foam board, decorative paper, and (my favorite!), duct tape! Inside are handles for her to carry it with, the back is cut out for easy entry/exit, and a handle is sticking out the side for someone to wind. All in all, it came out quite nice! My BIGGEST challenge was trying to get it into the van! I ended up having to remove the back, which allowed a slight folding of the sides, and with the back seat down, it slides up and over and just fits, leaving plenty of room for the bin with other costumes and the cardboard toy blocks. For now, our van has been reduced to a 4-passenger vehicle!
Today I tackle the remaining tasks for the puzzles pieces, which will be a two day project I'm sure. There are just a few odds & ends left at this point, and my "TO DO" is filled with lots of things crossed out!!

The OTHER countdown is for the end of the school year, which on the calendar is seven weeks away. Counting in days for the show, upcoming Stanford testing, and a couple of field trips, the girls really only have about 23-24 days of "schooling" left....and spring fever is definitely calling them!! I always feel bad for the public school kids (and morese for the teachers!) who have to stay inside until the middle of June. I imagine that once this time of year hits, it must be SO hard to stay focussed for long periods of time in a classroom. While neither of my girls are the real outdoor type, this time of year calls to the Authoress to take almost daily walks again, and the younger to at least get outside for some sunshine.

In just a little over seven weeks, we'll be "officially" done, and then mom can really get some cleaning and de-cluttering done from the year behind us. We have a goal to paint the dining room over Labor Day weekend, and with a new computer in the works, we want to set up a second station in the dining room for word processing alone, so I have a LOT of work to do! Add to that planning for next year, and I see my summer schedule already taking shape....not to mention that we start again in July! Still, there will be those glorious days of not having anything I HAVE to do...at least for a few weeks!! Let the countdown begin!!

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Angela said...

I am counting the days along with you! I am trying to not make a big deal of it, as my kids aren't pesting too badly yet. But I know that soon enough, they will be ritually crossing days off the calendar! Here comes the sun!!!!