Saturday, March 29, 2008

We'll need another bookshelf soon!

Last night I worked on the Authoress' portfolio, and aside from a few photos and final assignments, it's about ready to go to her evaluator in mid-April. She sat down and went through it all last night, and then the Storm Queen had to do the same. (I've started hers, but have until mid-May, so I won't touch it again until after the show!)

What I expect to happen in the next couple of days, if experience repeats itself, is that they will now pull each of their old portfolios off the shelf to reminisce about the past five years of homeschooling. I love listening to them share stories or remember certain projects or awards from past's also a really good permanent log of what they've accomplished over time. Now that Storm Queen will be finishing up her 4th grade, next year we'll be starting off where I began with the Authoress five years ago. I've already looked through her fifth grade portfolio to get some ideas for next year's planning!

This is one aspect of PA homeschooling I'm grateful for....while many states do not require the portfolio, I'm all for the accountability of it. Moreso, however, I scrapbook lots of photos and other momentos from each year, so that the portfolio becomes much more than a few samples, but a real book of memories for the years.

Of course, we MAY need another bookshelf before long!!!


Angela said...

I love this about PA as well. While I know that in theory I could do this in any state, I would never be diligent about it without the Law. I have enough struggle to just finish up with the sun shining and nature calling us outdoors, and then after summer I would be moving onto the next year, and so the cycle would continue.
I store ours in a rubbermaid crate, but we too, get them out each year. It's so amazing to see how they have progressed!

Patti Mahaney said...


Patti Mahaney said...

I echo what's been said about portfolios. I actually find them affirming. I have friends who feel sorry for us because we have to do a portfolio. I always surprise them by sharing how much I enjoy doing portfolios. I love the reminder of all that we have accomplished each year. Of course as my son gets older the portfolio work has less cute stuff and more serious work but it still is cool to see the projects and pictures.

Mazthoel said...

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