Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When they're sick, it all comes down to "Mommy"

My Authoress has come down with a nasty, nasty cold, and the last few days have been really hard. As the congestion has really settled in her chest, she has had a hard time sleeping. Sunday night we were up all night, but (thank you, God!) last night she slept through and is only now beginning to stir after a good six hours. This morning I feel subhuman again for the first time, averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep the last few nights.

Yesterday was particularly hard in that I had teaching commitments, and my Ape husband could not take the day off. I got lesson plans ready and delivered everything, hoping to teach the first two classes. I really felt a need to get through the music theater class, as our show is now only three weeks away. Unfortunately, as soon as class began, my cell phone rang, and that one word changed all priorities for the day. Not "Mom", but "Mommy".....the need in her voice to have me home came flying through the airwaves, and so I quickly left the class in the care of my two aides -- one of whom I knew would step up to the plate. I am blessed to have a couple of people, as well as a class of great kids, who can pinch hit if needed. Bottom line: when your kids are really sick, "Mommy" outranks "director" every time.

Hopefully yesterday marked the turn of the pendulum back toward health...in the mean time, I'm glad to have had some sleep myself, and I'll be putting that "director" hat back on for tons of things that still need doing here at home.

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