Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes, my dear, Happily Ever After DOES exist!

My Storm Queen has been up with a cough the past couple of hours, so we've been watching "Enchanted" again. At the end, she said, "I don't believe in Happily Ever AFter,'s just in stories". I was quick to point out that there really IS a "Happily Ever After" -- it's called HEAVEN. And it's far better than ANY depiction ever given in any story, movie, or fairy tale. At first I thought that perhaps the movie wasn't appropriate for an Easter it turns out, it provided a perfect opportunity to teach one of the Easter truths!

Our Easter was quiet and relaxing. AFter a split shift for Masses (with Storm Queen having a cold), we had a peacful day at home. The girls had their annual scavenger hunt with eggs and clues, and then spent the day watching a movie and reading. We had a simple dinner and then Storm Queen played on the computer as Dad & the Authoress retreated upstairs to watch an old horror movie. I took the free time to put together a photo board of the cast in rehearsals so far this year. With our official cast photos being rescheduled the week of the show, I still wanted something to have for publicity; for something I threw together in an evening, it will do quite nicely for some advertising!!

Having a week "off" from the show was what I needed; although I still worked on some of the "administrative" production needs, today marks the beginning of the final stretch. I'll tackle getting the costumes and set pieces finished THIS week, and then the programs and cast party thing next week. Hard to believe it's only three weeks away!! With the Authoress having her evaluation the week after, I'm also finalizing school work for the year. Even though we have another seven weeks, her portfolio is looking quite nice at this point.

Ah, well, it's off to another cup of coffee, and then to start the day! After all, the sun will up in the next hour or so!! :O)

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