Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Opening, Another Show....

Well, I've been a bit quiet these past few days getting all my thespian ducks in a row. The programs are now stapled and folded, the bins are packed with everything that's going from my house, and only 1-2 items remain on my "to do" list.....which this morning is a lovely abstract of pencil scribbles as I've crossed one thing after another's show week! Yes, I'm tired, but the adrenaline will kick in at this point, and I just pray that my students have a good time with the production.

Today will be cast photos, which are a bit late; on the other hand, I've instructed them all to leave their costumes in the bins, so once back in the car, they will STAY there until Friday's dress rehearsal. I just have a couple more set items to put together, and then we're on.

It's been a harder year than most; between alot of sickness and some younger and inexperienced students with leads, it's been somewhat shaky some weeks. At the same time, my entire goal for this class is not the finished product so much as the process. I've been at a few high school/college productions this spring, and I realize that they have the same issues. In the end, theater to me is about using our God given talents to have fun. Granted, it's nice when the audience ALSO enjoys themselves, but in our small homeschool family, that's almost a given. Most of the audience will be family and friends, and some potential homeschoolers who may come to "check us out" as a future option. Overall, I am just so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of families.

This week will include a couple of days with a HEAVY academic focus here, as the past week or two have been far more independent work than I usually allow at home. I may even rethink next year's schedule to include a full week off before the show. At the same time, the girls are so close to being done with their needed assignments that alot of what's left is busy work, so a light week with more independent projects is probably the better choice.

After the show we have evaluations, field trips, and a couple of final chapters in math/science/history to get through....but all the big stuff is done, corrected, and in the portfolio already for the Authoress (her evaluation is next week!). The only other "big" thing still upcoming is our chorus concert -- but THAT group is sounding phenomenal already!

This weekend we went down to a nearby college campus that the Authoress is looking at for down the road. It was their spring musical, and we thought we'd go see what kind of program they run. It was a delightful show with a small but talented cast. I was pleased to see that even a few of the leads were not "exceptional", but had talent. I think the Authoress would have a great time...she was all excited because the romantic leads actually KISSED on stage!! (And then I remember how much she still has to learn in three years!)

At one point before the show we were sitting in the lobby just watching, and she looked so apprehensive. My eyes caughts hers, and she said, "Mommy, I feel sort of intimidated". Yup, me too. We both are realizing that these last couple of years are going to fly by, and the idea of her leaving the nest to spread her wings is scary for both of us right now. That scared-excited-nervous-reluctant-hopeful feeling all rolled into one....sort of like the feeling just before heading out onstage. It just lasts longer!!

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Angela said...

Oh, so very many good things going on here. Counting the days until showtime!