Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's good to be able to laugh at oneself!!

It's been a busy week, and I'm catching up after having been sick, so I'm late in posting this, but it was too funny not to share....

Last week we had our new computer delivered and set up -- it was built by
a student of minea and his dad, and they did a superb job -- and for several days there was minimal fighting in the house with the exception of "are you almost done?" or "Is it MY turn again yet?"....

Last Saturday I awoke to find that it had a message regarding an irregular reboot during the night; it also seemed to have a frozen mouse. I turned the computer off and back on in the back, only to find it totally dead. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Not after just three days! As the Aurhoress and I were heading off to a college visit, my Ape husband made the "call", and my student and his dad came back Sunday to look at it.

I was at work, and got the phone went something like this:

"Honey, the computer is fixed. It seems that there is an on/off switch on the FRONT of the computer that we also had to turn on!"

Gee, I'm glad I was at work! There really IS a switch, but it looks a pretty blue light for those of us less talented in the hardware department! One of the things I've added to my "to do" list for the upcoming month is to pull out the manual and actually READ it!!

Yes, it's good to be able to laugh at oneself....especially when we really deserve it!


Patti Mahaney said...

You also are a great encouragement to the rest of us who have done similar things.... It was so much "easier" years ago when all you needed to do to "blog" was find a pencil and a scrap of paper

Angela said...

This story definitely ranks up there with priceless. If only I could have been a fly on the wall!