Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sometimes it really does pay off to try something again...

My daughters are off finishing up their Stanford testing, and my husband just went to work after taking the morning off for some quiet time together, so I have a half hour before leaving to get them.

I just made a HUGE discovery, which will save me hours of time and energy....all because of a little voice that said, "try it ONE more time THIS way..." As most of my small blog audience knows, I have my musical next week, and one of the biggest challenges of the show was to put together my puzzle pieces. I came up with the vision early on, and designed a SIMPLE ocean view puzzle using light foam pieces that were easy to cut and put together. They also allowed the girls who played my puzzle pieces to have several attached to them while bumping into each other, WITHOUT having the pieces crack or break.

Our challenge was to figure out the best way to attach them to their clothes. We've been using duct/masking tape for rehearsals, which has been a VERY comical experience in what DOESN'T work.....and while my vision had been to use velcro, it was pointed out that the bond with the velcro may be stronger than the foam, causing it to rip. I tried it at home and found that to be the case. My wonderful costume lady then suggested backing each piece with postertboard and felt to give a stronger bond, and she even offered to sew them up. Unfortunately, HER experiment proved that foam will rip if you try to sew other things to it.

Today was the day I set aside to finally tackle this problem; armed with posterboard and some felt, I was going to hand sew pieces on to try and solve the problem. However, in looking at the velcro box that I had tried earlier, I noticed that it was "industrial strength" velcro......"hmmmmm", I thought, "perhaps a weaker velcro might work". As a child runs to a hung up stocking on Christmas morning, I raced to find my "regular" velcro and grabbed an old undershirt of my daughters to try ONE more time. This velcro was even better than before in that it's a sticky back, so I just cut a few pieces and attached them. And then came the TEST. For about five minutes, I yanked that piece of foam off that undershirt as hard as I could from every angle I could imagine, and IT WORKS!!!! No tears, no rips....just alot of noise (that will probably come through the mics just wonderfully!!). The hours of work that I've just saved myself have catapulted me into my final "adrenaline" mode for the show -- a few days early!! I am now so excited to realize that this last "big" job has now been cut into about a quarter of the time that I thought it would take has me dancing around the house!

For a small moment in time, I can understand how Edison felt when that light finally went on!! TOY CAMP, here we come!

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Angela said...

This is wonderful news!!! I have been feeling so badly that you would have to hand sew all those pieces!!! Yippee! (doing the happy dance with you!)