Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another year over!

Today my daughters finished their current school year....YIPPEE!!!! As promised, we will have a lunch date with Dad on Friday to celebrate, and now they truly have time to fight over the computer for games and surfing. Of course, now that portfolios are just about complete, MOM has to start getting needed computer time for next year's planning sheets and a couple other big projects in the works. We may have to have a "sign up" schedule for computer time in the next couple of weeks!

I am not writing much this week, mostly due to getting portfolios finished up. However, there is another issue underneath that is taking alot of inner energy....I'll be free to share more in a few more days. Until then, there is sense of unrest, so I'm trying to keep busy with lots of little things. More upcoming!

As of now, I am the proud mother of a FIFTH grader and a (gasp!!) SOPHOMORE!!

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Angela said...

Doing the happy dance with you and the girls (two of my personal favorite students!) We are all needing to keep busy, and count the hours. The end is in sight. My excitement is almost bubbling over!