Friday, May 16, 2008

I love being computer literate!

Well, I woke up at 4:00am again thanks to my little fur balls, and once again opted not to go back to sleep. It seems that from 4-6am I can almost always be guaranteed computer time! This morning I sat down to master a new task--that of learning to do labels with this new program I've got. After years of using Microsoft Office, we had this computer rebuilt and ended up with Evolution and Fedora as our stuff to work with. I STILL hope to have Office reinstalled, because I know it SO well, but today I at least know that once again I can figure things out after awhile!

I've been working on a new project that will be unveiled more next week, but it involved having to make some address labels. It took some searching to find the menu for it, but once I found it, I figured it out. I MIGHT even remember how for when I need to add to the database! :o)

Today we "officially" end the school year with our annual lunch out with Dad at a chinese buffet not far from his workplace. I'm already looking forward to my General Tso's chicken!

Today will be a busy day working on finishing up the portfolios. One is completely done, evaluation letter included, and ready to go to the school district office. The second one is just needing the completed reading/field trip/video lists, and then a last evaluation next week. I'm already looking at what needs to be done for next year, and the list is pretty long already! There are ALOT of things to do in the next month, and then my girls start up again in July. I've already told them MOM needs the computer alot in the coming weeks! They get to play awhile, but I crank into planning mode for June. (Don't worry, I find down time for reading books, too!)

Well, my Ape husband is moving about, so I'd best be off. This is HIS computer time before heading to work!

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