Monday, May 19, 2008

Meandering Mondays.....and a new structural plan for my blog

I've been spending some time this weekend thinking about a way to increase my productivity on my really has become an avenue for self-expression, but I also want it to offer something to others who visit. My problem has been that many days I sit down and feel that I have nothing to write about. So over the weekend I've come up with a loose structural plan for the week, giving me a starting point for each day. Granted, I'll still throw in the more spontaneous posts, but hopefully this will at least make it easier to have something to say each day.

Meandering Mondays will, as the title say, just "go with the flow" plans for the week, or thoughts about something in the news, or wherever else my brain takes me (that might get scary sometimes!)

Teachable Tuesdays will deal with homeschooling issues.

What's Cookin? Wednesdays will include recipies and issues on home and family life

Thankful Thursdays will simply be a reflection on all I'm grateful for in my life

fine Arts Fridays will touch on my favorite subjects....that of music and art. I'll try to include some
activity ideas around various composers and artists as well

Scipture Saturday will just be a short reflection on a scripture passage that I've read during the week

and finally, Saints & Sacraments will round out my Sunday posts, putting the focus where it should be for me on Sundays.

I'm excited about alot of the changes in my life right now, and the future ahead....

Right now, I'm off to get some strawberries for the Storm Queen, and then we head off for a breakfast meeting on the new coop! Sure to be a great day!


Patti Mahaney said...

Sounds great! What time will you be serving the new recipes? LoL Thanks for sharing it has encouraged and inspired me.

Angela said...

I love that idea. Is this because you don't know what to do with all your energy now that your done with classes?