Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The fire's ignited!

Well, it's been a crazy and busy two months, but last night we had our open house for the new co-op, and it was exciting to see both old and new families come through the door. I'm hoping that I can get back into my regular blog mode now that the planning stage is over.

What struck me last night was just how diverse we homeschoolers are. Some are straight workbook mode, some unschoolers, some cyber-school, some traditional,.....the list goes on. But the one thread that seems to run throughout is a commitment to giving our kids the best education that we can find. I know that in the "big" picture we are still a small minority, but I also see those numbers growing each and every year. As one who was a reluctant homeschooler the first year, I've come to love it and embrace the whole homeschool philosophy. I also have recognized these past couple of months that not everyone IS cut to make this choice. AND THAT'S OKAY. For some parents, traditional school IS the best choice for their kids and family, for a variety of reasons.

My own choices have made me a stronger woman, and I've come to know other like minds that share the same vision. It's an exciting place to be right now!

Off to catch up on a few blogs....I feel so out of touch after these two months!

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Angela said...

We've spoken on this many times...and these conversations and our shared views/growth are something I delight in! Enjoy the time of rewarding rest, you've done so much for so many!