Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A month of obstacles!

No, I have not died or fallen off a roof.....my absence from the blogosphere can be summed up in two words: BROKEN COMPUTERS. It has been month of challenges and obstacles, with both our new computer and our "old" one being in and out of commission. As one who has truly become dependent on them for communication--not to mention the need for such while helping to get a new co-op off the ground--I have been challenged on every level. I am pleased to say that I have not thrown things, screamed, or further damaged hi-tech equipment by kicking or taking a sledgehammer to anything....but I HAVE cried, prayed, and banged some pots and pans a bit more vigorously in the kitchen!

Both computers finally came home last Friday; our new one began the whole thing on Saturday. We are, at this point, ready to call an exorcist in, as it seems to be the only logical explanation left at this point. Luckily the old computer seems to be working. We are wondering if Vista is the problem, or if we're just lucky. Whatever the case, I'm SO grateful to have a working station again!

My posts will still be light this week, as we have our open house for the new co-op next Monday. There are LOTS of things I've written out on legal pads that now need typing and revising. The Co-op is coming along wonderfully, and I am SO excited about the year to come!

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